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Why Action AND Contemplation?

Why action AND contemplation? Because both are essential for your heart and mind.Over many years of both activism and concentration on inner work, I wholeheartedly agree with what both Thomas Merton and Fr. Richard Rohr say about the inseparability and importance of both contemplation and action in daily life. Each can inform and transform the other part, bringing us a deeper, richer, more fulfilled life.

What is the relation of contemplation to action? Simply this. He who attempts to act and do things for others or for the world without deepening his own self-understanding, freedom, integrity, and capacity to love, will not have anything to give others. —Thomas Merton

When you begin by connecting with your inner experience of communion, your actions can be pure, clear, and firm. This kind of action, rooted in one's True Self, comes from a deeper knowing of what is real, good, true, and beautiful, beyond labels and dualistic judgments of right or wrong. From this place, your energy is positive and has the most potential to create change for the good. Fr. Richard Rohr

At a time when we face so many problems, and there is so much need for inspired and effective action, it’s vital that we also, and especially, nurture our hearts and minds. Here’s the place on this site where you’ll find accounts of people, innovations and ideas that have inspired and invigorated me, and made me feel more hopeful and optimistic about creating our positive future.

I hope these offerings enrich your life in some way.