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The "Forever Plane"—Solar Impulse 2


THEY DID IT! On July 24 Solar Impulse landed in Abu Dhabi, completing its 40,000 km (24,854 miles) journey around the world, and flying only on solar power! No fuel. No emissions. It is pictured here flying over the pyramids en route to a landing in Cairo, Egypt. The mission is accomplished, but the adventure will continue. One of the pilots remarked in an interview that it’s not about going fast, it’s about going forever. And it's not just about using clean technologies; it's also about how we use them.

Pilot Bertrand Piccard said, "It is time for all people to be pulling on one rope." He called for our politicians to stop worrying about being re-elected and be true heads of state. Solar Impulse is leading the way into a future we can all create if we get onboard.

Here is one amazing example of living into a sustainable future. Find out more about this amazing pioneering venture and what's next at Solar And if you want to read more of this kind of good news story, subscribe to my monthly newsletter and explore this website.


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