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Who's a Grownup?

Who's a Grownup?

“Who in your mind is a grownup?” a sales person asked me as I made my purchase. She had seen the bumper sticker my partner and I produced. I sensed she wanted me to tell her whom I was voting for in the presidential election; I didn’t have time or energy to engage a political discussion so I answered, “I’m still working that out.”

So here are some of the characteristics of a grownup that we come up with:


~~~ is kind to and respectful of everyone. He or she doesn’t insult or belittle or demean anyone.

~~~ tries to listen to everyone’s ideas and opinions (children’s too), and to understand all points of view; is always willing to learn.

~~~ works to find common ground; is willing to negotiate and compromise to find the win-win solution to conflict that will best serve the common good; knows that violence is always counterproductive.

~~~takes responsibility for his or her thoughts, beliefs and actions, and doesn’t blame or scapegoat.

~~~ is discerning but not judgmental.

~~~ tells the truth; stands up for what she or he believes without fear or duplicity.

~~~ doesn’t allow him- or herself to be manipulated by others who offer favors of any kind, and doesn’t manipulate others either.

~~~ understands that we’re all in this together and all dependent on a healthy planet now, and in future generations.


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