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Dedicated to Climate Solutions

Dedicated to Climate Solutions

Suppose there wasn’t a climate problem at all? Despite the abundant evidence, there are many of us who consider climate change to be a hoax perpetrated by. . . . the Chinese, the Democrats, whomever. It doesn’t really matter.

You may not believe in climate change, but for the moment let’s put aside the reality that science is not a belief system. Let’s just say for the sake of argument that you don’t go along with the climate change crisis or global warming. But suppose you took a look at the Project Drawdown website and at the 100+ solutions (even though you don’t believe we have a problem). Is there any reason why you would not support the projects, innovations, changes and proposals that are presented there since they add jobs, help the economy, eliminate waste of all kinds, save money, and increase efficiency in various industries. What if these projects bring us clean water, clean air, healthy food and soil?

So if you like all the solutions to the problem—or non-problem—there are many ways we can bring about a healthier world for everyone and Nature. We can start anywhere. The most obvious place is right in front of us at every meal—the food we eat. We can buy organic, local food where possible. We can eat a more plant-based diet and waste as little food as possible. Beyond that, we can plant trees and protest deforestation. We can encourage legislative policy that develops more clean energy. If we have the means we can donate to organizations that work in all these areas. One of or favorites is Stand for Trees, a group that works to protect endangered forests all over the world.

Start anywhere. Just start. Depending on your view, we have nothing—and everything—to lose.

“To act, we humans don’t need certainty of success. What we do need is to see others like ourselves in action and to glimpse even a possibility that we can make a difference.” —Frances Moore Lappe´


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