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Soul Boxes and Gun Violence

Soul Boxes and Gun Violence

We are all undoubtedly distressed about the gun violence in this country rising to the point of it being an epidemic.

It has disturbed me for a long time that we do a lot of looking at the dead and wounded bodies coming downstream, and railing at the perpetrators of the violence, but we don’t talk so much about what's going on upstream, and WHY people are committing these atrocities? What’s motivating them?

While I don’t feel qualified to speak of the complexities and intricacies of violence and terrorism, I have a deep sense that our approach is not working, and that we must find another way to end violence. I know I am not alone in this.

Here are some brief ideas about why so much violence.
• People aren’t getting what they need or want, and feel unfulfilled.
• Many feel powerless, helpless and worthless. This brings me back to the ideas from Frances Moore Lappe´that we humans need Agency, Meaning and Connection. Many don’t have that.
• Excessive and extreme violence on TV and video games encourages violent behavior and thinking.
• Our economic system (it has been called “predatory capitalism”) promotes selfishness and a win / lose mentality. Competition “trumps” collaboration and cooperation. Everyone is out for her or himself in this culture that promotes self-sufficiency and independence rather than interdependence.
• The former president encouraged hatred and fear of others. For four years he incited verbal and physical violence. I am reminded, still with disbelief, of the jacket the former First Lady wore on her way to a migrant camp. It read, “I don’t really care, do u?” Is it any wonder there is an increase in abusive behavior and language?

Making Soul Boxes is one way people are bringing awareness to this epidemic of violence. Millions of people do care. Close to 200,000 Soul Boxes have been made to date. Let’s make more in remembrance of those who have died or been injured, and to call attention to this problem.

The Soul Box Project


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