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Democracy is on the ballot. Do we want democracy or authoritarianism? Do we want freedom or fascism? That is up to us. No matter the outcome of the midterm elections, we will still have these issues before us.

What follows is an excerpt from a post by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner on October 19th:

We worry. We wonder. We wrestle with what we can do to help, to fix, to heal.

Let us not pretend everything is okay.
Let us not give up hope.
Let us not minimize the problems before us.
Let us not mythologize the past.
Let us not embrace cynicism.
Let us not deny reality.
Let us not demonize one another.
Let us not paper over injustice.

We are facing a midterm election in which everything feels like it is at stake. And indeed it is. It is why now should be a time to get out the vote. To remind each other of the starkness of the choices we face.
At the same time, we should remember that the search for a more perfect nation, like the journey for a healthier world, is not measured only in election seasons. It is an accumulation of all the choices we make and the roles we seek.

Steadiness is recognizing that the struggle will always continue, but it should also always be accompanied by hope.

Here is the link to the home site of Steady. It is not the particular issue the above quote appeared in but it will give you a sense of what he offers. Very worthwhile.


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