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While Election Day results are still not final, there are important big picture thoughts about where we stand as a democracy that are shared below.

“Regardless of today’s results, our fight for democracy will be ongoing, and I, for one, will never walk away from it.” —Jessica Craven 11/8

“Our love and compassion — and the ability to have a Political Party that knows how to present a cogent, compelling and convincing message — is how we will heal the politically despondent, those who have given up and are sadly staying home today, those who’ve been easily tricked into voting against their own best interests, and those who are succumbed with a mindless fear of ‘the other’ who are going to hurt them or take what their white Christian leaders have promised them is theirs.” —Michael Moore 11/8

“. . . . someone will have to continue the struggle. That will be us. There is no greater privilege or honor than to be a “foot soldier in the long struggle” to preserve democracy.” —Robert Hubbell

“A new day is dawning on the horizon. And I look forward—always forward—to the unfolding story of our nation. A story of light and love. Of patriotism and progress. Of many becoming one. And, always, an unfinished mission to make the dreams of today the reality of tomorrow." —Dan Rather

"There is an old saying that comes to mind at this moment: “Don’t taunt the alligator until after you’ve crossed the creek. . . . Putting our country back on a path toward stability and safety required hard work, determination, and steadiness. We are crossing the creek to a better future, but we're not there yet. The alligator [i.e. the MAGA movement and its leader] is still lurking.” —Dan Rather

It’s every person’s business to be a citizen of America.


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