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Every Voice Counts. Make Yourself Heard!
This is a clear and present message from the great author Dr. Seuss, A message we all must take to heart, and into action, today, tomorrow and every day.

Below is a list of my five top pro-democracy news and commentary sources which give me perspective on current events as well as ways I can take action. I've also added a short essay written by Robert Hubbell three years ago for his 64th birthday. I appreciate and agree with his sentiments.

The Status Kuo I find the information and commentary by Jay Kuo well worth reading. He has a fun personal style and is extremely knowledgeable.
Letters from an American Richardson is an historian so often gives good perspective on what's going on now.
Chop Wood. Carry Water Jessica is a "force of nature" and is action-oriented. She's a cheerleader for folks working for our democracy and always has something we can do.
Steady is written by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner. Dan Rather, a former journalist now 90+ years old, offers much wisdom in these essays.
Today's Edition Newsletter I usually check out Hubbell first for a rundown and his thoughts on the most current news.

The following quote is from Hubbell written 3 years ago when he turned 64.
"When I’m sixty-four, I want our nation to experience a rebirth. I want Americans to reclaim the rule of law at the polls in November [2020]. I want our nation to begin a period of healing and return to decency. I want Americans to understand that we have vastly more in common with one another than not, and I want America to know that it has vastly more in common with our global neighbors than not. I want science to be viewed as a force for good and enlightenment, the crowning achievement of millions of years of human evolution. I want everyone to feel in their bones our precious and tenuous connection to Earth, ‘the only home we’ve ever known.’ I want everyone to appreciate the blessings we have rather than resent blessings bestowed on others. I want everyone to realize that we have a moral obligation to clothe, feed, house, and protect those who need our help. I want everyone to recognize the dignity inherent in every fellow human being. That’s what I want when I’m sixty-four."

I share his sentiments and do what I can to make this a reality. We all have a part to play!

Here are wise words of encouragement from Jessica Craven:
I hope you’re hanging in there; I know things are wild right now. But, as Lao Tzu warned us (according to my husband; I have no idea if it’s true, and it’s definitely paraphrased): some things are made harder by expecting them to be easy.

What do I mean? Democracy is messy. Humanity is messy. Politics is messy. If you, like me, are a student of history you’ll agree it’s difficult to find a time when humans weren’t in conflict. This isn’t to imply that this moment in history is “normal”—not at all! But neither are times like this especially rare. We humans are fractious sorts.

So let’s accept that we’re in for more tumult, expect it to be hard for a while, and do what we can to care for ourselves as we trudge through this protracted, yet ultimately finite, storm.

For as Lao Tzu also said: “Great acts are made up of small deeds.”



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