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Our democracy is worth fighting for. Below is an edited version of Jessica Craven's New Year's Political Resolutions to help save our democracy. You can read her full essay here.

I will do everything that I am able to do to help save democracy. Notice I say everything, because this, if there ever was one, is the year to leave it all on the field. But I add “that I am able” because we must all work within our own limits. Some will be able to do more, some less. It’s OK. Let’s all just do as much as we humanly can, while being honest about what that is.

I will ask everyone I talk to if they are registered to vote, and help them register if they aren’t.

I will remind potential third-party voters—and everyone!—of the Rebecca Solnit quote: “Voting is a chess move, not a Valentine.” Even if we don't particularly like Biden for whatever reason, even if we hate him, by NOT voting OR by voting for a third-party candidate, we are giving a vote to Trump. Again, we understand this. Less informed voters may not.

I will stay in the day and do what I can. Obsessing about what will happen in November, or next month, or even next week is pointless. I will ask, every day, “What can I do to be helpful to our cause today?”

I will remember to eat, to sleep, and to recreate. I will stay in touch with friends and nurture my relationships. I will take breaks from the news and be in nature.

I will seek out calm, determined, and generally hopeful sources of information. They must, of course, also be factual, but they should not be fear-mongering, cynical, or hysterical. I will gravitate towards those who aren’t just dwelling on the problem, but are proposing solutions.

Plenty of good advice and guidance here. Thanks, Jessica.


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