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Late in 1985 I decided I wanted to make books. In previous years I had been involved in politics, education, catering, owning a restaurant, and a lot of biking. This making books idea emerged after the wonderful and completely fulfilling experience of writing and publishing my own story of biking across the United States with another woman in 1978 entitled Across America on the Yellow Brick Road.

I enrolled in the Book Arts program at Mills College in Oakland, California in 1987 to begin to learn my new craft. Following a year's study, I apprenticed with a leading Bay Area printer, and then a bookbinder before setting off with a moving van full of printing presses and equipment and other print shop necessities in northern New Mexico. While at Mills I gave a book report on Printing Poetry by a master printer, Clifford Burke, and was determined to get a signed copy. The short version of this wonderful story is that I got my book, I got a fabulous type collection and equipment from his own studio, AND the printer and I became married life partners.

Earth Day 1990 marked the beginning of Desert Rose Press. For more than fifteen years the printed works of the press—in the letterpress tradition as well as using modern printing techniques—in books, broadsides, and cards have expressed Clifford's and my passion for the craft of printing and bookmaking, and our greater vision of a healthy, peaceful Earth united in Spirit. Favorites pieces include The Heart Sutra, Desiderata and The Canticle of the Sun.


Raventalk was created in 1998 and is devoted to restoring and creating a healthy and just planet for people and all life on earth. The earth is our common home. Our real wealth is the health of our earth and her inhabitants. But our earth and our societies are in crisis. The way we live is not creating a sustainable planet future, and we need to change our ways quickly if we are to survive. So long as we value money, stuff, and power over others more than caring for each other, our natural resources, our environment, and for all life on the planet, we will continue to have a dysfunctional political system, an unjust economic and social reality, and a deteriorating environment. We are all interconnected in this huge but finite worldwide web of life. Everything we do has an impact on everyone and everything else. We're all in this together. Embracing this interdependence and then acting upon it is the purpose of our web site.

In this extensive site we explore topics ranging from climate change to getting money out of politics to daily living practices that build a sustainable future for us all. It is full of links and other resources and short, reflective essays and photos.

We invite you to explore with us the nature of our fundamental relationships: with our environment, with our leaders, with each other and with ourselves. Together we can create a sustainable future.