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Truth or Con?

Truth or Con?

Can we discern the truth from a con? Can we tell the difference between an honest statement and spin? Up until recently most of us believed that “free trade” and a “free market” were good things for us, things that would benefit and enhance our lives. But we’ve discovered, with the help of organizations and people who are working to analyze and expose what these words really mean, that these two ideas and practices are not at all good for people or the planet.

In her book Getting a Grip, Frances Moore Lappe´ discusses how a market should be “open, competitive and trustworthy.” These days only community farmer’s markets fit that description. Nationally and globally our economy is run by a few large corporations. She calls our system the “one-rule economy,” namely, highest return to existing wealth. She says, “No market so tightly controlled [by so few corporations] can fairly be called ‘free.”

As for “free trade,” yes, it is free in that it gives corporations free rein and free reign to do as they wish to maximize profits, including suing local, regional and even national governments if they have rules that infringe on corporate profits. Read Fraud Alert by David Korten to see how the spin of “free” works to hide the truth.

What’s true? Much as we want to, we know we can’t rely on companies or government to tell us the true or whole story about any given idea. We need to take the responsibility to inform ourselves by going to sources that have nothing personal to gain, sources that are advocating for and serving the common good. Find people and organizations you can trust to tell you what’s a con and what’s the truth. Also, trust your gut and your instincts. You know when somebody’s lying, saying what they know we want to hear, not what’s true. I listen to corporate media knowing they have their particular agenda. I make sure to get other news as well.

There are thousands of great organizations and people who are working to co-create a world that works for all and the planet. Seek them out. Here are some I rely on.

YES! magazine
The Huffington Post
The Optimist Daily

Public Citizen
Small Planet Institute
Network of Spiritual Progressives
The Next System Project
The Shift Network
Local Futures
Project Heaven on Earth


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