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As we go about our daily lives and our work for the greater good it's fun and fascinating to step back for a moment to look at the big picture of where we come from.

Here are the benchmarks of our evolution and images from the James Webb Telescope.

13.7 billion years ago. The Big Bang. Our universe inflates from an infinitely dense singularity to its present mass and energy in a timescale measured in Planck Time (10^(-43) seconds).

4.5 billion years ago. Earth forms in the early solar system.
3.7 billion years ago. Life emerges on Earth.

230 million years ago. Age of dinosaurs begins.

65 million years ago. Dinosaur extinction event.

6 million years ago. Hominids emerge.

200,000 to 300,000 years ago. Homo sapiens emerge.

11,700 years ago. Last ice age ends; glaciers retreat from Northern Hemisphere.

10,000 years ago. Agriculture begins.

5,500 years ago. First civilizations emerge.

4,700 years ago. Construction of pyramids begins.

753 BCE. Rome founded.

476 CE. Western Roman Empire falls.

1453 CE. Eastern Roman Empire falls.

1776 CE. American Revolutionary War.

1789 CE. US Constitution enacted.

1969 CE. Humans walk on the moon.


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