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"What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It's the only ting that there's just too little of." Yes, we need more kindness, more compassion, more respect and civility. Those are fundamental values in a healthy society.

But there are too many urgent needs to elaborate on here, so I want to focus on one. Protecting and restoring our democracy. We need elected government representatives who are committed to serving the greater common good. We need political leaders who are dedicated to serving the rule of law and our democracy. Here I want to cite three excerpts about how urgent this need is.

“We are more than a year away from the next presidential election. It will likely be another fight for the very future of our democracy. It will take sustained engagement, and the planning starts now. But it will also take a sprint at the end. So try to find a way to stay involved, but also conserve energy. Recognize where you can make a difference — with volunteering, activism, donations, and other forms of support. But also recognize that there will be more to do. Sometimes it’s okay to be a spectator while you rest up for the next leg of the relay (we’re shamelessly embracing the metaphor).“
—Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner

“Everywhere I turn, in short, the message is the same: our democracy is in serious, immanent, unprecedented danger. Republicans’ attacks are getting more desperate, more brazen, and more sinister. Our freedoms are hanging by a thread; upcoming elections this year and in 2024 could, astonishingly, be more critical to the future of our democracy than even 2020’s or 2022’s."
—Jessica Craven

"Whatever doubts we may have about another four years of President Biden, they pale in comparison to the dangers a second Trump presidency presents."
—Bruce Berlin

As Jessica Craven says, "I know. It [fighting for democracy] is tiring. It can definitely be disheartening. But it’s also our lot, so we’re going to face it with courage, community, and determination. It’s not the time to give up, throw up our hands, or curl up in a ball. It’s the time to double down, recruit more friends, and talk to everyone we know about the dangers our democracy is facing right now.”

(Listen to this song sung by Dionne Warwick.)


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